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Physical therapist doing massage of male's shoulder

I studied for 2 years under my teacher learning the art of Phenomenal Touch Massage.  I typically do a combination of deep tissue and Phenomenal Touch work.  My clients love it and I get regular comments on its uniqueness. After learning this modality I’ve dropped most forms of traditional massage because in my opinion PT is a much more effective and eloquent approach to bodywork.

Phenomenal Touch:

  • Embraces the body three dimensionally.
  • Transitions from one body part to another in a seamless flow.
  • Moves the body as if it were fluid.
  • Uses fulcrums, levers, gravity, and body weight vs strength to achieve depth without pain.
  • Has a unique quality of touch that stems from presence, reverence, and a deep listening to the body.

“Phenomenal Touch Massage is a profound and revolutionary approach to massage that transcends the arbitrary boundaries between the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspect of ourselves, thus creating a truly holistic, healing experience for the giver and the receiver. It is an amazing dance that deeply respects and connects both people, and provides an experience of massage that goes far beyond the limitations of most techniques. Phenomenal Touch Massage, based in a loving and reverential approach to touch, truly provides an unparalleled experience of the unlimited possibilities of what massage can do and be when it stems first and foremost from the heart.” – Ellen Holly Klaver